About Us

We are a family company, which has engaged in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables for three generations in the greatest Polish horticultural region – in the Grojec area. 

We encourage you to read the ‘Offer’ tab – there you will find detailed information about the varieties we cultivate.
Our products are currently sold to the markets of Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Georgia, Egypt, Nigeria, Finland, Spain, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Serbia, Sweden, Ukraine, France, United Kingdom and other.

We have recently been able to improve our production lines by expanding our machine and warehouse park. Due to the fact that we are a manufacturer systematically striving to improve the conditions for the production of our products, we prove that we want to develop and provide clients with services at the highest level. This means that even the most demanding of them will be satisfied with their cooperation.

Large storage possibilities

Warehouses with an area of ​​over 2000 m2.

We deliver fruit from Polish orchards

Our warehouse is located in the largest fruit-growing region in Europe.

We provide transportation

In addition to our own transport, we cooperate with the largest forwarders in Poland and abroad.

We are a responsible company

The number of satisfied customers is constantly growing.